Advance 500 mm 7in1 (19½”)

7 in 1 for the Advance 500 mm Series embroidery machine. Your set will include the correct arm for your machine as well as your standard 7 size hoops.
This set will include your arm as well as the 61 x 120, 73 x 120, 86 x 120 mm, 134 x 118 mm, 152 x 140 mm R, 185 x 143 mm and 121 x 291 mm.


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Advance 500 mm

General Instructions for using Fast Frames

  1. Lay backing under the frame. Cut backing slightly wider than the frame 1,5 cm all around. Using the frame as your gauge, your backing will fit the frame correctly each time.
  2. Turn the frame upside down. Peel the paper from the backing. Place the backing on the frame. Be sure to allow backing to extend past the sides and bottom of the frame. Fold the excess backing over the front edge of the frame.
  3. Attach the frame to the machine arms just as you would one of your hoops. The opening of the frame (with the backing attached) should be coming toward you. Trace your design for proper location. Be sure to leave enough room that the pressure foot does not pinch the garment on the inner edge of the frame.
  4. Remove the frame from the machine. Place item to be sewn on the exposed backing. Smooth fabric on the adhesive backing. Place frame on the machine and embroider.
  5. Tear sewn items from the backing. This sometimes requires both hands. Patch the hole with another piece f backing and continue.

Tips to Advance 500 mm

  • The pocket must be a minimum of 13 cm wide at the opening (using the 5 cm x 10 cm hoop.) This allows the bobbin case to fit inside the pocket and still have room to travel back and forth.
  • When embroidering down a long sleeve lined jacket, black office binder clips or clam clips may be used on the side of the frame to secure the outer garment and the lining together. This also helps when your fabric is water-resistant or you have a large bag.
  • When sewing a rigid brief case or computer case and you need to get down toward the bottom, use a golf ball in the corners to help hold the bag open for easier stiching.

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