7 in 1 Sets

Fast Frames 7in1 is a hoop less embroidery frame.

Fast Frames 7in1 stick on backing is placed on the underside of the frames. The adhesive backing is exposed in the open sew space of the frame. After that press the area to be sewn firmly down on the backing (using the notches as line up points for alignment) Therefore any area that will lay down flat in the sew field you can sew embroidery on.

After that, use it for sweat band area of caps, back, sides, bill, bucket caps, collar tips, cuffs of sleeves, dog collars, gym bag center flaps, etc.

Sport knits do not get stretched out of shape. Therefore the stick on backing holds it in place.
After that, this is a much faster cost effective way of sewing hard to sew items.

Don’t worry you won’t waste a lot of backing. When you tear the item away, after that you just place a patch on the hole from the underside and press the next item in place to sew a new embroidery – this is really well thought out.

The difference between Fast Frames 7in1 and 6 in 1 is the size af the arm. Frames 7 in 1 arm is deeper than the 6 in 1 arm and the embroidery field is bigger and that can be an advantage.

General Instructions for using Fast Frames 7in1

  1. Above all, Lay backing under the frame. Cut backing slightly wider than the frame 3/8″ to 1/2″ all around. Using the frame as your gauge, your backing will fit the frame correctly each time.
  2. Turn the frame upside down. Peel the paper from the backing. Place the backing on the frame. Be sure to allow backing to extend past the sides and bottom of the frame. Fold the excess backing over the front edge of the frame.
  3. Attach the frame to the machine arms just as you would one of your hoops. The opening of the frame (with the backing attached) should be coming toward you. Trace your design for proper location. Be sure to leave enough room that the pressure foot does not pinch the garment on the inner edge of the frame.
  4. In conclusion, remove the frame from the machine. After that place item to be sewn on the exposed backing. Smooth fabric on the adhesive backing. Place frame on the machine and embroider.

Fast Frames 6 in 1 frame will work with many different machines, when you upgrade or change machines, often all you need to get up and going again is a new exchange arm. – CLEVERLY thought out.


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Showing 1–12 of 31 results