Clam Clip Set Large

Fast Frames Hand-held transparent dispenser to clam Clip system #60 Large

  • Stainless Steel
  • Reusable
  • Lightweight
  • 35 refill clips

60.00  excl tax

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Clips system large

Really good clips if you do not use adhesive backing for your embroidery. Holds very well around embroidery frame, backing and material at the same time. Easy to use and they can be recycled many times, so the CLAM clips system Medium is quickly earned back home.


  • Holds papers/hoops together with backing fast-n-easy!
  • Holds up to 60 pages securely ( 4 mm )
  • Will not damage documents/fabric
  • Easy-to-use clips are reusable
  • Stainless steel clips will not slip off
  • Dispenser is pre-looded w/2 clips

How to use the clam clip hand held dispenser.

  1. To load clips, tilt dispenser downword, push clips into back opening
  2. Place documents into opening of dispenser
  3. Push black slider (on top) forward so that the clip grips from ducuments
  4. Remove clips by hand


Fast Frames will work with many different machines, when you upgrade or change machines, often all you need to get up and going again is a new exchange arm. – CLEVERLY thought out.

If you want some other clips, you can see several different ones on our other website SKOVTEX which is a big supplier of textile and sewing machines. We have many years of experience; provide high-quality professionalism, efficiency and workplace services.