Table Top Pr Series

Table top for Pr Series machines

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Brother PR Table Top

How to use Brother PR Table Top

Brother PR
Brother PR
1. Push the pantogram (tubular holder assembly) all the way back towards the machine body

Brother PR
Brother PR
2. Slide the table over the top so that the legs line up with the openings in the legs of the machine
3. Lift the machine arms slightly to allow the top to slide on easily

Brother PR
Brother PR
Push the white support blocks towards the bobbin arm to lock the top into place


  • When embroidering down a long sleeve lined jacket, black office binder clips or clam clips may be used on the side of the frame to secure the outer garment and the lining together. This also helps when your fabric is water-resistant or you have a large bag.
  • When sewing a rigid brief case or computer bag and you need to get down toward the bottom, use a golf ball in the corners to help hold the bag open for easier stitching.
  • Liquid silicone can be dabbed on the needles to help keep the adhesive from sticking.

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Fast Frames add-on frames there can work with many different machines, when you upgrade or change machines, often all you need to get up and going again is a new exchange arm. – cleverly thought out.

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