7 in 1 Add-Ons

Fast Frames Add-Ons

Frames 7 in 1 Add-Ons. Lay stick on backing under the frame and cut backing slightly wider than the frame 1,5 cm all around. Using the frame as your gauge and your backing will fit the frame correctly each time. Turn the frame upside down. Peel the paper from the backing.

After that, use it for sweat band area of caps, back, sides, bill, bucket caps, collar tips, cuffs of sleeves, dog collars, gym bag center flaps, etc.

Knitting fabric in stretch quality does not get out of shape. Because the using stick on backing will keep it in place. After that, this is much faster and cost effective way of sewing hard to sew items.

Don’t worry you waste not lot of backing. When the finished embroidery is torn away, there is a small hole in backing, but it can be patched with a small patch from the underside. Place the new item and make the new embroidery – this is really well thought out.

Already own a 7 in 1 exchange system but own 2 machines? Purchase an extra exchange arm and cut your hooping down for less! Please check machine compatibility.

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Showing 1–12 of 35 results