Hat Hoop Add-On

The new Fast Frames hat hoop add-on allows simple and quick embroidery of hats. Since this is an add-on hoop it will connect right into your Fast Frame arm. If you do not have a Fast Frames arm you can order one in 7 in 1.


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Hat Hoops

Fast Frames hat hoops are a simple way to embroider on hats. Setup is very quick, with only two knobs to fasten.


flat%20hat%20101_1.jpg flat%20hat%20101%20arm_1.jpg

Fast Frames Single Frame Hat Hoop

Fast Frames Hat Hoop Add-On

The hoops are available in two styles (pictured above): the first style (the Single Frame Hat Hoop) features a pre-assembled wing on each side allowing you to place it directly into your machine; the second style (the Hat Hoop Add-On) is more in line with our regular windows allowing you to place the hoop onto a regular Fast Frames arm.

flat%20hat%20back_1.jpg flat%20hat%20side_1.jpg

Rear Hat View

Side Hat View

These hoops have been designed with durability and simplicity in mind. They are very straightforward to use. With precision laser-cut straight edge and handy centering helpers you will be able to align your hats with ease. The large 5 ½” by 6” sew field ensures you will never run out of room to embroider.

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