Adhesive Backing 11,4cm x 23m

Stick Self-Adhesive Sticky Tear Away Embroidery Stabilizer backing 11,4 cm x 23 m – white



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Stabilizer stick Self-Adhesive

Stabilizer stick Self-Adhesive is our best Choice for “sticky tearaway stabilizer for embroidery”


  • Stick Self-adhesive tear away embroidery stabilizer/ backing made in the USA
  • Like Sulky Sticky, Madeira Stick-On, Gunold Filmoplast, and others but a little bit better
  • Ideal when hooping is an issue
  • No hooping necessary
  • Leaves no gummy residue on needles.


  1. Tear Away with adhesive Backing
  2. medium soft
  3. 50 g/m² (11,4cm x 23m)
  4. Colour white – White is the most common because it works well with various colors and will not be seen through the fabric.


It’s available in standard weight and with adhesive version. Like cut-away, tear-away backing is true to its name. As its name hints, it is removed by tearing it off from the garment.

Tear-away backing is typically used on firmly woven, natural-fiber fabrics that don’t stretch, such as terry cloth, robes, blankets, leather and more. In addition to being suitable for very strong and stable fabrics, tear-away is also used when you don’t want the backing to show on the other side of the design, such as back of towels, caps and bags.

When your fabric requires strong support, you may use several layers of lightweight to medium-weight tear-away. This method is easier because you’ll remove one lighter sheet at the time, rather than struggling to remove a heavier tear-away.

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