7 in 1 Add-Ons

Fast Frames is a hoop less embroidery frame. Stick on backing is placed on the underside. The adhesive backing is exposed in the open sew space of the frame. Press the area to be sewn firmly down on the backing (using the notches as line up points for alignment). Any area that will lay down flat in the sew field you can sew. Use it for sweat band area of caps, back, sides, bill, bucket caps, collar tips, cuffs of sleeves, dog collars, gym bag center flaps, etc. Sport knits do not get stretched out of shape. The stick on backing holds it in place. This is a much faster cost effective way of sewing hard to sew items. Don’t worry you won’t waste a lot of backing. When you tear the item away you just place a patch on the hole from the underside and press the next item in place to sew

 Bag hoop add on Double ended hoop add on Long neck hoop add on Monogram hoop add on Oversize hoop add on Pocket hoop add on Sleeve hoop add on

Bag hoop add on


Double-ended hoop add on


Long neck hoop add on


Monogram hoop add on


Oversize hoop add on


Pocket hoop add on


Sleeve hoop add on